The Pavilion is a one off Bistro set uniquely within the picturesque Birtle Brook Village. Birtle Brook is a lovely small hamlet fortunate to be located in prime a ‘green belt’ area, interestingly the village has been recognised both nationally and globally for its many architectural merits. As the Bistro is not part of a chain this allows us to dedicate our heart and soul to bringing you the freshest food, delivered daily with a small brigade of chefs creating the most sumptuous dishes.

Adopting a more traditional approach to cuisine the Bistro refuses to use modern ‘fast food’ devices, such as microwaves and combi-ovens, with a conscious culinary belief that the finest food is best created with original cooking techniques, which does mean its dishes are fresh and always aspiring to meet the highest quality.

I have worked very closely with the founder Brent Miller for over twenty years building a mutual trust and true friendship. This relationship allowed us to realise our joint vision of developing a modern restaurant in the middle of this unique setting. With my hospitality background and Brent’s catering and bakery business vast experience it was the perfect fit to combine our talents. Indeed we are very lucky in that Brent Miller is also the founder of Millers Vanguard in Bury. This close relationship has allowed our restaurant to benefit from having access to a large worldwide family of catering equipment manufacturers and hence we have used this influence to have bespoke kitchen equipment retro-engineered for us to ensure we can ‘cook in the classical way’.

Here at The Pavilion we truly believe that good food is worth waiting for, compared to the current vogue for quickly produced dishes where flavours could have their integrity impaired, the ‘style’ of our dishes means that they cannot just be thrown together. Inspired by a traditional cooking approach our bespoke cooking equipment and our team of passionate chefs couple together to endeavour to create unforgettable cuisine the hard-way, without compromise.

My personal ethos, which I share with our founder, is that all ingredients are sourced to reflect our defining qualities. We have worked very closely with suppliers to build relationships all over the country and forming bonds with the very best farmers, butchers, fishmongers and so on, from fish to meats from vegetables to desserts; even though sometimes this is not the most cost effective way. To compliment this approach The Pavilion is fortunate to draw upon the deep knowledge of the best regional producers, borne out of the experience of our sister company Millers; which has spent over 40 years servicing the catering and bakery sector across the UK. It is also our relationship with Miller’s that allows the Pavilion to boast the cleanest kitchen and dining areas too, with the nation’s largest food service company on the doorstep offering 24-hour equipment service & cleaning cover, our Pavilion Chefs are the best supported in the land.

To Brent and myself quality is everything, and we consider the Pavilion to be a shining example of our joint desire for attention to detail. Constantly seeking to exceed our guests expectations for the finest food being conventionally prepared and served within a casual, relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This is a view we hope you share!

Finally, we feel that we have got the balance right with casual dining that is not ‘overly dressed’ to camouflage quality; instead we rely on our dishes to speak-for-themselves, neatly presented in comfortable surroundings. Whether breakfast, lunch or evening meal, everything at the Pavilion is carefully and meticulously presented to your table with a time-honoured approach.

Debbie Higgins – Bistro Manager